Thursday, January 02, 2014

{where to start}

Guess who's 19 months old and is already the most terrible two year old? She's currently sleeping in her big girl bed/mattress-on-the-floor and didn't fight her afternoon nap today... although she was giving her daddy a pretty hard time with "monkey monkey ipap" game.  

Happenings around here:
^Leah talks a lot now. And when she can't get the right words out of her mouth, her "uh uh, mmm" is pretty darn cute.
^Her gibberish stage didn't last as long as I wanted.  She can communicate pretty well even though her words don't come out crystal clear.

Some things she says a lot these days: ipap (ipad), no no daddy, opin (open), i did it!, [blank] peez (please), ock (sock), sooz (shoes), ding dong (doorbell), bean, acket (jacket), ight (light), mouse, yucky, wash, eea cook (Leah cook)

^New daycare is working out for us although we suspect Leah's watching a lot of t.v. there because she can name Dora and Sesame Street characters that we haven't taught her. 
^Leah is loving Elmo, Hello Kitty and, more recently, "Mouse" (Minnie or Mickey - she's not picky as long as there's ears).
^Double trouble can be the cutest thing until it's time to clean up.

^Wood floors means really cold winters and high energy bills even with our discount. #ohwell
^Two weeks off for winter break = awesome.  Spending a majority of that time being very, very sick is not so great. :(
^So much to think about and look forward to in the new year: to move or not to move? Will my school district keep me on or give me the boot?  Does Leah really need a sibling?  How terrible are the terrible two's? Will we get our act together to actually plant something in our garden this year? Will my shoe obsession ever end? I know! So much to think about. My little monster is waking up. 

May the new year bring you lots of love and happiness.  Rar. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

{don't know how my baby became so smart!}

Somehow, someway Leah has turned into this magnificent little human.  It seems sudden that she's developing her language skills and it's so amazing to watch.  She was an early communicator by signing the words "more" and "all done".  But now it's so cute to watch her try and say words that she knows.  I have no idea what's happening at school but the other day she kept saying "eeech  eeee" and I hadn't a clue what she was saying.  Then I asked, "what are you saying?" and she pointed to her knee. [duh Mom!]  Apparently she had an owee.  Her teacher said that she did the same thing today so now I'm thinkin' Leah may be calling wolf a little bit.  Haha.

Some things she's saying these days:
"eyetch" for light
still saying "EE-AH" for Leah
"Peppah" for Pepper
"zoosh" for shoes
"thock" for socks
"wawa" for water
"um...UM!"... she kept saying this when I was rubbing lotion on her and I finally understood when she started rubbing her arm!
"feej" for feet
"ca" for car

Words she's pronouncing clearly:
daddy... but it's always been more like daDEE

She also does animal sounds although it's hit or miss.  Just last week, cows were saying, "baa."

That's all for now.  Hope you're having a nice autumn.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am EMO {long day}

I'm riding bart home from an exhausting day of new teacher orientation, planning and setting up my classroom and I'm wondering if I made the right choice leaving my admin job. I'm so touched by all the enthusiasm and support, and it really tugs at my heart strings whenever I think about the students... BUT I'm so, so tired and school hasn't even started yet. 

With this long commute, I'll be home around eight, past Leah's bedtime so I won't get to be with her much. My heart breaks just thinking about the work-life balance (or lack thereof) in the coming months. 

Again, I'm feeling so terrified about everything. But mostly about missing out on time with my baby while I can still call her that. :(

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Warning: Brain Dump

Dang and I took a last minute trip up to South Lake Tahoe last week.  I was really looking forward to staying out late and sleeping in past 9 a.m.  Unfortunately, my immune system had other plans.  I caught a terrible cold/flu the night before we left.  The entire ride up was pretty unpleasant and "mind over matter" just wasn't working out.  I finally succumbed to cold medicine once we got there and it helped a little but between tummy aches, a cold, and even a bloody nose - this trip was meh. Do-over needed!  We did manage to get to the beach twice though because I was really adamant about getting some sun.  

And Leah?  She was absolutely fine spending three nights being spoiled by my parents.  Barely a tear if any.  When we walked in the door she stopped what she was doing and just stared at us.  No words or reaction but the expression on her face read something between, "hm, I think I know you" and "where have you been the past few days?!"  And then she finally hugged us and started following me around like a little duckling again.  Cute but made me never want to leave her again.

Today I had an out of body experience.  I just couldn't believe that the things that were happening were happening to me.  It started when I went to pick up Leah from her second nap.  I carried her outside to the living room where she pointed to where she'd left her bowl of cheerios.  I put her down and she grabbed it and walked to the rug to eat.  It's strange to me that she can communicate her needs now.  She's really good at requesting more, shaking her head no when she doesn't want something and, lately, pointing to what she wants or where she wants to go.

Later in the evening as I was cooking dinner, I glanced over to the living room where Leah was playing alone.  Her back was towards me but I could see that she was having some milk, sitting like a big girl all on her own.  My heart hurt a little that very moment.  It felt like all of a sudden my baby was grown up.  She knew exactly where her milk was and didn't need me to help her drink it anymore.

Another reminder that our little baby is turning into a big girl - we got Leah a Dora the Explorer toilet seat using some Pampers points and it came in the mail this week.  So far she has been interested in touching and carrying the seat around but not sitting on it.  She lifts up the toilet seat cover and touches Dora and then tries to stick her hand into the toilet.  I'm clinging onto baby Leah for as long as I can so I'm okay with her not actually sitting on it yet.  

As sad as it is to let go of baby Leah, it's really fun to watch her learn and figure out new things.  I love watching her imitate us in various ways.  She'll do everyday things like comb her hair, brush her teeth, pull the toilet paper, throw away trash, rub lotion on herself, etc. and then she'll also do things very specific to each of us.  Besides my iPhone I don't spend much time with electronics when I'm around her so she picks up a lot of those habits from Dang.  She's really into tv remotes and has recently been obsessed with laptops.

The other day she would stop at nothing until I gave her both of the usb drives she saw on our bed.  She then walked around trying to insert them into various things like the alarm clock and her baby monitor.  So funny.  She discovered my jewelry stash and has been requesting different necklaces and bracelets.  Below, our little lady has on a necklace and a bangle while holding a usb drive.  Pepper watches on.

Leah loves to help her dad when it comes to Pepper.  It's incredible how much she comprehends when we ask her to do something.  Today I asked her to bring Daddy this towel for Pepper and she dragged it all the way to the bathroom.  She's usually really good about grabbing a bag for Pepper's poop and bringing her dad wipes for Pepper's feet too.  I know she's my daughter and all but man, she's one smart cookie.

Tonight when I put her to bed, I cuddled her a little longer than usual and stayed with her until she fell asleep.  I take comfort in knowing that she still loves to do baby things like sitting in a laundry basket with Fanny and having no boundaries when it comes to Pepper's personal space.

Monday, July 29, 2013

i laugh {at my little jokester}

My wild little lady recently turned 14 months old.  She continues to surprise us each day with the funny, silly and smart things she does.  On Sunday my mom saw her squatting and so decided to put her on the toilet.  She held Leah in that sitting position and lo and behold, baby had her first poop in the potty!  It was at grandma's house so of course everyone went into the bathroom to check out Leah's work.  Yup, baby poop still intrigues everyone at 14 months old.

Lately my baby has been sounding like a dang donkey.  She has been practicing her "ck" sound so at any given moment I'll hear her say, "cawk ca ca cawk!"  This coupled with "eee aww ee aww" (practicing her own name) makes for a good time when we're walking down the quiet aisles of the grocery store.  "Ca ca ee aww ee aw ca ca ca ee aw!"  14 month olds = good stuff!

Last night when I was holding her before bedtime, Leah did the sweetest thing.  She pulled the binky out of her mouth and kissed me right on the lips!  It was a very wet kiss but oh so sweet, I nearly melted.  Then she kept doing it and I realized maybe she was stalling so I wouldn't put her down.  So sneaky!  {She did this again tonight.}

Speaking of sneaky, bedtime has been a bit of a struggle.  She is never satisfied with the number of books that we read to her before bed; we'll be in the middle of reading one book and she'll stand up and grab two more, and then continue to do this until there are no books left on her shelf - then repeat.  It could be 4 books over and over again or 10 different books - but every night we end up having to cut her off before she feels she's done reading.  Every night there are tears when we place the books back into the basket and put her in her sleep sack.  My baby, the scholar, just wait til you're pulling all-nighters in college - you can stay up and read all you want!

Leah can point to her head, feet, belly button, mouth, and nose.  She can tell us what sound a dog makes ("woh woh woh") and points to birds when they fly by, saying "chim chim chim" ("bird" in Vietnamese).  She also dances when there's music on, mostly bending her knees and bouncing while looking around for approval.  It's the best thing to watch!!

Things I want to remember:
^The way she turns her butt toward us and plops herself into our laps whenever she feels like it
^"ee aw ee aw"
^Leah singing, "daddddy daddy DAddy dADDy" over and over again {no "mommy" still :( }
^The way she gets grandpa to take her wherever she wants and also how she follows grandpa wherever he goes.
^When I was sick Dang took care of Leah perfectly fine! AND! he was able to put her down two nights in a row without any help from me {it can be done!}
^How happy she is when we visit or pick her up from daycare.  That look just melts my heart.
^Sleeping next to her.  Always want to remember these rare instances... she's going to be 14 tomorrow, I just know it.
^How thankful I am to have received books at my baby shower.